Famous Sierra Leoneans, #2: Ryan Giggs

The most decorated player in English football history makes it onto our list by virtue of the fact that his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone.

Not being a footy expert, I can’t waffle on for hours about Ryan Giggs’ dexterity on the pitch, the mastery of his corner kick, and such like. Fortunately, I do know a few people whose knowledge of football is better than mine. So I’ll let one of them tell you why, in his humble opinion, Giggsy rocks…


And there you have it.



  1. Peggy Murrah says:

    Hey George,

    I am trying to compile a complete, or as complete as I can get it, of famous Sierra Leoeneans. Good luck with yours. Are you interested in non-British? If so, don’t forget Andrew Young and Spike Lee.

  2. George Luke says:

    Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I’m interested in as many as I can find – wherever they are! Thanks for the heads-up on Andrew and Spike; have you got Sahr Ngaujah (star of the Fela musical on Broadway) on your list?

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