Hello there – I’m George, keeper of this here blog. I live in London, from where I spend much of my time writing for magazines, websites and anything else that comes along, and making radio programmes. I enjoy music, reading, the odd film and a good swim. Always on the lookout for creative space.

I make no apologies for being a God-botherer – though personally I think “Christ-follower” is a more accurate description (I’m sure that if I was bothering God, he’d have let me know by now!). Not perfect, but I believe in a thing called Grace. Very much interested in that junction where faith, justice and compassion meet.

This blog will be a sounding board for some of my ideas, as well as an occasional venting space… and who knows, I may even use it to explore spiritual issues that interest me. Do feel free to drop by from time to time.



  1. Eric says:

    Hi George – I’m trying to find the best Gospel music churches and promoters for my artists. I work in Nashville, USA and we’ve spent some time together over the years – at Rimmer events. I represent some prominent Gospel artists touring with CeCe and BeBe Winans. Do you think you could help me with some connections?

    Thanks Humbly,

  2. stephy says:

    Hi George. Thanks for looking at my blog! Why were you as a Brit in Nashville? I have to admit even I am interested in that dvd player that skips over the bad bits, just cause of my small children. 🙂 You know they’re going to sell a million of those.

    1. George Luke says:

      Hi Stephy! I make the trip to Nashville every year, to report on GMA Week for various publications and radio stations back home (I also combine that work trip to Tennessee with some family time visiting some cousins of mine who live in Georgia). I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it next year, though; it was rather bare this year.

  3. Beth says:

    Please I MUST have your e.mail address. I have some exciting new adventures for you. I would love you to work along with me in one or two meager shows coming up. You will most definitely benefit from it. Pls e.mail me your phone no. so I can call you and saying the best times to call.

    Thank you!
    Bless you! Beth

  4. I’d like to put your link on my blog if its OK with you

    1. George Luke says:

      That’s fine with me. No worries.

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