My Radio Portfolio

I’ve been involved in radio in one form or other since 1999. Using audio in storytelling is one of my great passions and I love creating features that use both a subject’s voice and sounds from their world to weave a compelling narrative. 

Music is another big passion of mine and I’ve been a music journalist and DJ since the 1990s. I’ve also produced and presented several music shows. 

The Syrians and the Kindertransport

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 16 August 2019, this half-hour documentary takes a ‘then and now’ look at the refugee experience in Britain, as seen through the eyes of two Syrian men who arrived here in 2016 and two elderly Jewish women who came here as children 80 years earlier. The Daily Mail described it as “moving and humbling”; the Spectator said it was “thought-provoking”. You can hear it here.

The Chiltern Voice World Music Show

Since 2018, I’ve been hosting this two-hour show which is broadcast every Sunday evening from 6pm to 8pm on Chiltern Voice Radio. If you love African and Latin music – or are curious to discover music from other parts of the world – why not join me?

Sounds of Africa (Lufthansa Radio)

Between 2007 and 2014, I produced an in-flight radio programme for Lufthansa Airlines: a specialist programme showcasing African music. Many of the biggest names in African music were guests on the programme – such as Seun Kuti, profiled in this feature here.  

Sounds of Africa Profiles: Seun Kuti

9/11 Stories 

In 2006, I won the Jerusalem Radio Award for 9/11 Stories – a series of short audio features in which New Yorkers spoke about their experiences during the terrorist attack on the world Trade Centre on 11 September 2001. 

9/11 Stories: Antonio Rivera

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