From the Y Crate: 4th Avenue Jones

From the Y Crate, #11:

4thavenuejones“Stereo: the Evolution of Hiprocksoul” by 4TH AVENUE JONES (Gotee)

For my money, the best music genres are the totally made-up ones (Gutter Wonkstep, anyone?). And just that is what makes this neglected gem of an album so special. It ain’t hip hop; it ain’t soul; it ain’t rock – IT’S ALL THREE!!

Ahmad Jones, his wife Tena and their merry band of very fine musicians and rappers were another group which never really fitted into the ‘Christian band’ mould, but somehow felt compelled to stay there. A shame, really; their take on how things go when relationships get messy was sparky and often hilarious – and needed to be heard by more people. Last I heard, they’d disbanded (more’s the pity). Still, if you hadn’t discovered them before, Youtube has quite a lot of stuff to pique your interest…


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