Resolutions, etc…

Never been big on New Year Resolutions. Too much guilt when you slip up. Yeah, I know – you’re supposed to get up and start again. I just find that the initial enthusiasm dies a little with each slip. So instead of a list of Things I Will Stop Doing This Year, I’ve decided to use a little reverse psychology (or something) and gone for a list of thing’s I will do (or at least aim for) in 2009 – a list to which I’ll add things as time goes on. I’m starting with these (in no particular order):

• Write something every day (this post doesn’t count as today’s, by the way)
• Do one crazy thing each month
• Say ‘yes’ to any gig that involves travelling
• Use the Mac more and the PC less
• Learn one new guitar chord, dos palabras nuevas en español and deux mots nouveaux en Français each week
• Choose one stupid TV show and stick with it for an entire series (suggestions as to which show would be appreciated; at the moment, I’m thinking either Ugly Betty, Samantha Who? or Gilmore Girls)
• Read more
• Raise the price threshold of the wine I take to friends’ “bring a bottle” parties to £5

I think that’s enough for starters. Suddenly I’ve got a good feeling about 2009…


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