Facebook status updates I thought of using, but didn’t (very wisely, you might say)

George Luke is…

  • … therefore he thinks.
  • … a concept by which we can measure our pain.
  • … the Strongest Link. Hello!
  • … sad to announce that the wedding’s off. B says she’s now in love with some J-something bloke. If I ever catch him, he’s toast.
  • … Big in Japan.
  • … Lost in Music.
  • … [insert title of 70s or 80s pop hit here]
  • … equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
  • … making tonight a wonderful thing with some Cuervo Gold and a fine Colombian.
  • … pleading with you: PLEASE log off Facebook NOW – and get some work done! That is what your boss pays you for, after all…

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